Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What will be the level of problem statements?

Ans) All the problem statements will require basic knowledge of your undergraduate studies along with some research made on the particular topic. None of the problem statements will be so sophisticated as to be above the general understanding of an Undergraduate student.

Q) Is there any registration fee?

Ans) Registration fee for the event is Rs.500 per participant. This will account for accomodation facility for your stay in Kharagpur as well as event registration.

Q) Are there any separate registration charges for the event?

Ans) There is only one time registration for the event and participants can participate in as many events as they like.

Q) Will participation certificates also be given?

Ans) Not only participation certificates, participants will be provided with goods and accessories from the sponsors.

Q) How to reach IIT Kharagpur?

Ans) Kharagpur can be reached in about 2 hours by train from Howrah railway station of Kolkata or 3 hours by car from Kolkata Airport. The Institute is about 10 minutes drive, 5 km from the Kharagpur railway station. Private taxi, autorickshaw or cycle-rickshaw can be hired to reach the Institute.

Q) How will you be helping us with directions in your campus as i have heard IIT Kharagpur has a large campus?

Ans) You will be provided with the map of the campus for your perusal. Also there will be markers at several parts to make sure you are not lost.